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Je regrette mais les fondements du libre-échange ne viennent pas de Ricardo mais de Henry Martin 1701 ensuite Isaac Gervaise 1720, Adam Smith 1776 et enfin Ricardo qui a surtout élaboré les avantages comparatifs en 1815 chacun a mis sa petite brique théorique sur la théorie du libre-échange. Vint ensuite Torrens sur les termes de l'échange 1833 et pour finir en 1923 la loi des rendements décroissants entre 2 pays par Frank Graham.

claude trembaly
«Consider the big names that have shown up so far on the list. With the notable exception of Iceland, these are not countries I would describe as “capitalist”: Russia, Pakistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Egypt. They’re countries where kleptocratic government officials amass money not through commerce, but through quasi-legal extortion, or siphoning off the till. This is an activity that has gone on long before capitalism, and probably before there was money. Presenting this as an indictment of global capitalism is like presenting Romeo and Juliet as an after school special on the dangers of playing with knives.»

«People living under unstable regimes may have very good reasons to want to move assets outside the country; Jews in 1930s Germany did not put money in Swiss accounts because they were trying to lower their tax bill, but because they were trying to ensure that they would have enough set aside to flee the genocidal maniac ruling their country.»