This is what Heidi Klum eats at McDonald's:
2015-09-23 13:59


By Dana Leigh Smith

Supermodel Heidi Klum is often photographed with fellow celebs and fashionistas. But as it turns out, her true BFF is more interested in deep frying than fashion or fame.

That’s right, Klum, a.k.a. “The Body,” is quite cozy with Ronald McDonald and is a huge fan of his burgers and fries. Earlier this week, our friends at Men’s Fitness asked Heidi what type of cheat meal she most enjoys. And shockingly, she revealed that just the day before she’d indulged in a Big Mac and order of fries — during Fashion Week, no less!

“I was starving and running late so I ordered McDonald's,” the 42-year-old mother of four said. “I love it! The special sauce. That weird pickle in there. Who knows [if it's really a pickle] but I love it — I'm loving it!” she added.

Given her rockin’ figure, most would assume that she doesn’t typically indulge in 870-calorie fast food meals, but Klum has fessed up to downing McDonald’splenty of other times, before. Last year, for example, she posting an Instagram photo of herself eating a McDonald's hamburger on an airplane and back in 2012 she Tweeted a photo of her post-American Music Awards Mickey D’s meal. And if we had to guess, she’s probably eaten plenty of other burgers without snapping a photo first.

Eat This! Tip

Though Heidi is lovin’ it, she’s also a big proponent of eating a daily diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins (like these 29 Best Ever Proteins for Weight Loss), which is likely why she has the caloric wiggle room to sneak in a burger and some fries when a craving strikes. Follow in her footsteps to stay avoid gaining weight, and be sure to stick to these tasty Diet Expert-Approved McDonald’s Orders.

Big Mac?

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