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2014-01-02 15:27

  • Good nutrition is important for your physical AND mental health. There's a lot of evidence showing that omega-3 fatty acids and folate* help the brain. Also, adopting a healthy diet in general supplies the brain with the nutrients needed to maintain the many complex chemical reactions the brain executes on a daily basis.
  • Aerobic exercise isn’t only good for you physically; it's great for your brain. Evidence shows it can lead to better cognitive performance, decrease age-related cognitive decline and lower stress.
  • Get a professional opinion if you’re often feeling depressed, anxious or suspect you may have a psychological health condition. Treating mental health concerns will not only improve your quality of life, it will enhance your physical and mental performance.
  • Give your brain a workout. Learning a new language, musical instrument or playing chess are all ways to improve concentration and sharpen the mind.
  • Sleep is very important for memory and overall mental health. Your brain functions more efficiently when you get enough sleep.
  • Be socially active and foster relationships. This tends to reduce stress, symptoms of anxiety and depression, and provide valuable support when you need it.

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