Chelsea Clinton, The Renaissance Woman
Clinton, though never quite as outspoken as her parents, has quietly been forming a very exciting career for herself. After graduating from Stanford and then studying at Oxford University, she took a job on Wall Street. She had always been interested in public health so she began pursuing her Master’s in Public Health at Columbia University while working full time.
She quickly realized she couldn’t do it all and be the person she wanted to be. And that is why in 2011 she left Wall Street to work for her father’s foundation, The Clinton Foundation, and as a special correspondent for NBC News. She has also never quite ruled out politics. In an April Today Show segment she even hinted that her mother Hillary might not be the only one in the family to announce her candidacy in the months to come. “Right now I’m grateful to live in a city, in a state, in a country where I strongly support my mayor, my governor and my president and my senators and my representative,” she said.
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2014-01-06 19:18