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Straight from the lab: the 6 moves proven to sculpt flat abs. Watch Equinox instructor Gregg Cook dominate the only set of toners you'll ever need.

Bring the moves with you. Download pdf instructions.
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Fazz Top 8 Pull up Bar AB exercises

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First time in tha world Street workout championship in Latvia. SWWC
I cut and put on youtube almoust all my recorded best parts, but ther was a lot more to see cool stuff.
So thous guys are alredy famous in youtube.
members from different country's, not all members are in video.
So hope you like video if you do then thumbs up subscribe, like video.

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Barstarzz, Calisthenics Professionals giving you the inspiration and tools to build a great body anywhere. New Videos Every Week. To learnhttp://on.fb.me/slsnOT and make sure to subscribe http://bit.ly/vc3uo8

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Spartacus Workout - Gladiator Gods Of The Arena

Trainer George Mitropetros subjects Nick "Ashur" Tarabay to an unrelenting Spartacus Workout designed to not only build strength and flexibility, but to carve out a prominently rippled torso - a hallmark of the show.

For more Spartacus Workout videos, go to Bodybuilding.com!


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Get That: The Abdominal V

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vi@ Fit for Her: Elisabetta Fantone

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Here's a behind-the-scenes video of Elisabetta's Men's Fitness Magazine summer photoshoot of Elisabetta Fantone. (2012)